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How To Make Paper Bookmarks In Two Minutes

Hey all, How many of you are in a habit of book reading? Do you keep a bookmark inside your books, or just folding the corners like many other geeks? When I was a student, I was mostly keeping a bookmarks in my books. I rarely fold the corner of my books but now when I have completed my studies, I only read books sometimes. Because of gadgets, Now many of us usually read online. I usually read via my iPad actually. But still, There is a books on my shelf or side table on weekends. Sometimes it feels lazy to make a pretty bookmark for keeping in the book. I recently tried an easiest version of making bookmarks. Would you like to know how to make paper bookmarks in two minutes only? I bet you will find it super easy & fun idea! Have a look here.
How To Make Paper Bookmarks In Two Minutes
Isn’t it looking like an easy yet simple idea?

All you need to have is : Scrapbook sheet.
Glitter sheet.
Cutter for making butterflies.
Glue for pasting filler thread beads.
All you need …

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