Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How To Make Bookmarks With Butterfly Paper Punch

If you are a student or a book reader, You will understand the importance of having a bookmark. Do you belong to those who turn their book page corner when stop reading a book? There are two types of readers, One with bookmarks & one without bookmarks. Another one type is ME who make & giveaway bookmarks a LOT. I have sent my handmade bookmarks in different countries so far. I design for myself, for my friends, fans & followers as well as my customers. Let’s have a look at my recent bookmarks I’ve designed some for giving away & for sale. I hope you will like the easy peasy way to make a paper bookmark with butterfly paper punch.

How To Make Bookmarks With Butterfly Paper Punch

How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts
Remember I decoupage a box few weeks back, There I got some pretty scrapbook paper sheets along with a butterfly paper punch. I made these bookmarks by using that pretty designed sheet & paper punch. I used some crepe paper for the other side of bookmark. Let’s see how to make bookmarks!
How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts

Craft Supplies for making Bookmarks:

Scrapbook Sheet card

Scissors or Paper cutter

Pencil & Scale

Crepe paper

Paper punch

Glue & Beads

How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts

Steps :

First of all I measure the paper sheet & then cut it with a sharp cutter. There were 4 strips of paper after cutting and separating them.
How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts
Make a point where you want to circle punch for putting a tassel or thread etc.
Put all three paper strips together & punch it nicely.
Then keep the sheets together & fix under the butterfly punch & press it. You can do it one by one as well. The 4th bookmark strip made a little mess with the punch & butterfly design was lost. But I am glad to have these three butterflies well.
How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts

Isn’t it cute? Let’s see what next.

How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts
I paste all three bookmarks on a purple crepe paper sheet, When this gets dry, Cut it nicely with scissors. Do not use paper cutter for crepe paper cutting.
Make the butterflies popup style & fix it back on the space where it was punch out.
Paste a small bead in the middle of butterfly wings.
How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts

And it’s ready. Looking good? Simple easy & cute way to make bookmarks. Isn’t it?

How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts
This above bookmark & cabochon pendant I gave away recently. You can see my another tutorial of Cabochon Pendant Making.
handmade pendant for sale creativekhadija online shop
I made this cabochon pendant with a little vintage style. Is it looking good? Feel free to contact me If you want to buy any customized or personalized handmade accessories. I ship worldwide. I hope you will like handmade creative goodies by me.
back to school creative ideas and organizing solutions
I recently have share some back to school crafts in my Creative Collections, I share some BookMarks making ideas. They all are Easy back to school organizing projects. Be sure to check this collection.
So when are you going to make a bookmark for your beautiful book? Have you tried making bookmarks before? I would love to see your cute bookmarks if you made any. Feel free to share with me via any social media networks or email.

Have a look at my all other handmade & designed bookmarks. I hope you will like these from archives.

Have a great day!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Decoupage Corner Shelf

How To Decoupage Corner Shelf

Paper decoupage is one of my favorite kind of crafting. My first ever paper decoupage was an Eye Glasses Case which turned out pretty interesting. Then I decoupage my cell phone casing. I have decoupaged many products & crafts so far. It’s always fun to play with paper pieces & crafting with paper scrap or motifs. Have you ever tried decorating something with paper scrap or paper motifs? I recently decoupage a wooden corner shelf which turned out so well really.Today I am going to share that decoupaged corner shelf which I have designed with some motifs from a paper sheet which we usually use for gifts wrapping.
Have a look how I have designed this wooden corner shelf with paper pieces & mod podge. It’s super easy & will hardly take your 10 minutes to transform a dull look into an attractive space. Let’s have a look :

How To Decoupage Corner Shelf

how to decoupage wooden corner shelf DIY
This image seems OK but if you will look at the BEFORE image, Then you will appreciate it more. Actually this wooden shelf installed in the corner of the room & then the room wall paint done. There were paint stains and spots all over this wooden corner shelf. I wanted to paint it in golden color as the curtains of this room are in golden shade. But suddenly I changed my mind & tried decoupage directly on the shelf.
how to decoupage wooden corner shelf DIYAre you following me on SnapChat? If yes, You might already know when I were doing this DIY & updating my followers step by step about the project. Anyways, You will need just a few supplies.

Paper Sheet


Glue or mod podge

Applicator or spatula

how to decoupage shelf DIYProcess :
I measure the shelf space where I was going to paste the sheet. Then I cut some circle motifs from the sheet accordingly. Cutting takes hardly 10 minutes & in 5 more minutes pasting was done. This is just 15 minutes project & super easy too. All you need to do is CUT & PASTE. That’s it.
I cut a triangle of paper & apply glue on the shelf surface. Paste properly & try not to make any folds. Make the surface plain. Then paste the circle motifs one by one.
how to decoupage wooden corner shelf DIY
Okay so this was the before image of shelf with wall paint spots. As it was wooden surface, I was unable to remove the paint from it easily. By the way do you know any hack about removing the paint from wooden surfaces? OMG I forgot searching this hack on pinterest? Pheww.. Well I am glad to see my pinterests followers crossed 12k recently.  Thank you everyone for following me on Pinterest. Life is easy with only a few original hacks over pinterest.
You may remember my Table decoupage DIY where I have used the same paper sheet & motifs cut outs.
how to decoupage a table

How To Decoupage a Table

I hope you will like this simple & easy idea about refurnishing an empty, dirty & boring space with decoupage fun! I am glad to see quick response of my followers on Snapchat about this decoupage project. I am sure my dear readers of the blog will also like the idea & will try! Don’t forget to share with me if you have decoupaged anything recently. I would love to see your idea.

You can have a look at all of my previous Decoupaged Crafts Tutorials. I hope you will enjoy learning!

Happy Crafting!
Khadija ~


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